Updated: Mar 21

VERY IMPORTANT NOTICE! Due to recent developments in the news and in an effort to further reduce the risk of infection, we are insisting that all clients with bookings come to the studio alone.

Anyone not being tattooed will be asked to leave the studio.

Upon entry to the studio you will be asked to wash your hands thoroughly and then to sanitise them. You will be asked not to breathe on your tattooist and where possible to face away.

Whilst we are aware that face masks do not offer 100% protection from infection we will, when possible be wearing one. Please ensure that you are as clean at possible before coming to your appointment.

We are all responsible for trying to help one another in this unbelievable crisis. We will remain open until we are told otherwise.

With this in mind it is absolutely essential that you follow your aftercare INSTRUCTIONS to the letter to avoid unnecessary visits to the studio.

Thank you for understanding.