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Dave's Story

Dave began his tattoo journey a few years ago when he was a welder and in a previous marriage.  Things didn't work out the way he intended and knocked it on the head. After his marriage broke down, he met Tiny T at a clubbing event and moved up to Syston from Oxfordshire. 

Everywhere they went people would ask him 'are you a tattooist?', no was the reply.  This set the ball rolling and as Dave was out of work at the time Tiny T suggested that if he wanted to, he should take it up again. She bought him a starter kit, so to speak, and he has never looked back. 

After practising on Tiny T and himself and tattooing a few volunteers, he was presented with the opportunity to work in a studio in Loughborough. A mutual friend started dating a tattoo artist who was looking for someone to help out on Saturdays.  Well, the very first tattoo he did just happened to be the Bride of Chuckie, he could not believe his luck.  

He nailed the tattoo and was offered a full time position which he held for 4.5 years.  At that point Dave and Tiny T decided it was time to open their own studio and did so at the local gym.  They worked there for 2.5 years and have now progressed into their own studio in the centre of Syston.

In 2016 Dave attended the Midland Tattoo Industry Show in Hinckley and took 2nd place for Best in Show, for his black and grey work. Finally some well deserved recognition for all the blood, sweat and tears.  

Dave (the husband)
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