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Tattoos Styles explained

CUSTOM TATTOOS: A custom tattoo is a tattoo that is designed especially for you, some call these bespoke tattoo designs. A custom tattoo covers a multitude of categories, some of these are listed below.

REWORK TATTOOS: A rework tattoo is exactly what it says, an old tattoo or a tattoo that needs putting right - reworking.

COVER-UP TATTOOS: A cover-up tattoo is an old or bad tattoo that you no longer want, which is then covered and disguised with a new tattoo. When this tattoo has healed you should not be able to see where the old tattoo was.

BLACK AND GREY TATTOOS: Are exactly what they say they are -just black and grey tattoos of any design you want and very effective.  Sometimes in a black and grey piece it works really to well to add a splash of colour.

DOTWORK TATTOOS: Dotwork tattoos are any design you choose made up of dots, sometimes some line work is added to this, the design should still remain mainly dots.

ORNAMENTAL TATTOOS: Ornamental tattoos would include such designs as mandala tattoo designs, beads and flowers on top of pattern designs, foxes in hats etc. 

REALISTIC TATTOOS: Not to be confused with 'realism'. Realistic tattoos are a close representation of the subject matter. Realism is an exact representation, such as a photo of a pet or family member.

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