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Tiny T's Story

Before becoming a tattoo artist Tiny T had various office jobs from filing to credit control. During the recession she had several temporary jobs with a promise of permanent work within  a few of those jobs but it never materialised. This was a very stressful and depressing time. During this time Dave had started down his path of becoming a tattoo artist, and Tiny T gave up work for a while until they opened their tattoo studio. 

Once the studio had been open a while it was clear that another artist would be needed, so instead of getting someone else in Tiny T had a practice on some practice skin and some volunteers realised she enjoyed it and began her apprenticeship under Dave's guidance, after a few struggles and a lot of hard work her apprenticeship was complete.  

Whilst still an apprentice, she attended the Midland Tattoo Industry Show in Hinckley with Dave and took first place for her dotwork. 

She is now looking forward to finding out what her own tattoo career will bring.

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