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Anxiety around tattoos.

Updated: Nov 21, 2022

Our studio is rated one of the best three in Leicestershire by and rated one of the best studios in central Midlands by Prestige Awards, we are also part of an elite team of artists with CrocArt Tattoo Skincare. We are very proud of these achievements and work hard everyday to maintain them so that we can continue to give you the very best, professional service you deserve.

We know what a minefield it can be to find a studio that you feel comfortable and welcome in. We have a lot of clients that have some level of anxiety and are really quite nervous when they first arrive, but always leave feeling well looked after and relaxed. If you're anxious about anything to do with getting a tattoo fill out our contact form on our home page and let us know what it is that makes you anxious.

We can even discuss your ideas online to save you coming to the studio, and deposits can be paid online too. If you are more comfortable with a female artist we can help you there you too.

You can check out each artists work on the website.

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